Do Online Surveys Really Pay?

If you’ve ever searched the web looking for some ways to make some extra money, you’ve probably come across some paid survey sites. There are a ton of these sites out there and most of them are complete junk full of false promises. If you see one of these sites and are tempted to join, just remember the old saying, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You simply aren’t going to get rich sitting on your couch taking a few surveys every evening. Just like anything else, making money online takes a lot of time and a lot of time.

That being said, not all Survey Sites are complete junk. If you find a good program and you can set aside a couple hours a week just for taking surveys, it is possible to make a couple hundred dollars a month. The trick of course is finding a good program that deals with good advertisers. At the end of this post, I’ll tell you about a good survey program I actually use and have had good luck with. First though, I want to tell you something very important.

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Turn Random Visitors into Daily Readers

If you haven’t noticed, Blogging has become very popular over the last few years. As of today, Technorati is currently tracking approximately 113 million, yes million, blogs worldwide!

One big reason contributing to the popularity of blogging is because unlike a traditional website, a blog makes it very easy to interact with your readers and it is also very easy for your readers to interact with you and the other readers via comments. As a blog becomes popular, more and more readers find their way to that site. More readers generally means more comments and eventually you’ll find that people are coming back to your site to read other comments and interact with each other just as much as they are to read your new content.

When a blog develops a strong following, it can become a major income producing asset. Introduce a few tasteful ads on your sidebars and you’ll start to see some real results. This is why blogging can be so fun and addicting!

Not only are you writing about something that you enjoy talking about and getting the opportunity to discuss your topics with readers who share your interests, you are actually receiving some monetary gain on the side!

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On the road to financial freedom, cutting costs can be just as important as finding ways to increase your income. If you’re the outdoors type, one great way to entertain yourself for a day at a minimal cost is to take advantage of local parks. You can easily spend a whole day hiking and biking with friends and family for less than the cost of dinner and movie. Another benefit is that you get some exercise and as I’ve mentioned about in other Healthly Lifestyle posts, maintaining your physical health is just as important as building your financial health.

Today I spent the day at Turkey Run State Park here in Indiana. The weather was great, the trails were awesome, and my family and I had a great time spending the day together. The cost for this fun-filled day was just a $4 entrace fee per vehicle, the lunch we packed, and of course of cost of gas to get us there and back. For 6 people and a dog, we probably spent less than $50 for the whole day.

So if you’re looking for something fund to do on a weekend, like the outdoors, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, a day at a local state or national park is a great way to do all that. If you enjoy camping, you can turn a trip like this into an entire weekend getaway and spend a lot less than you would going to a hotel and eating out every meal.

If you’ve visited some of parks in the Midwest, feel free to leave a comment or a review. I’ve been to a lot but I still have a lot to see and would love to hear from some of the readers or their parks’ experiences.


The Importance of an Emergency Fund

As we travel down the road to financial together on this blog, I’ll cover a lot of different financial topics. We’ll talk about investing, insurance, banking, purchasing a home, purchasing a vehicle, and so on and more importantly, we’ll talk about how to do these things in the most financially efficient way as possible. However, like many things, a person’s financial position is only as strong as its foundation. So today I want to talk about what many financial gurus consider the foundation of a person or family’s financial position. The topic today is “The Importance of an Emergency Fund.” You’ve probably heard this term before and hopefully you already have one set up, but because an emergency fund is so important, I think it would be doing the readers of SeekingFF a great disservice by not devoting at least one post to this topic. So, with that being said, let’s explore exactly what an emergency fund, why you need one, and how big of a fund you need.
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$25 Prosper Signup Bonus

Towards the end of July I wrote a review on the people-to-people lending marketplace known as If you missed it, you can read it here. The basic idea though is this, people lend money to each other and both sides benefit. The borrower gets a loan at a lower rate then they have with their credit cards or could get at a bank and you the lender gets a rate better than they would get just keeping their money in a savings account or even better than the market (this year for example).

Anyway, its a good service and I’ve been using it since mid 2006 and have been quite pleased with my returns (averaging around 12%). Now let’s get to the purpose of this post.

Get $25 just for signing as a Prosper lender.

If you’re thinking about joining me on Prosper, now is a great time to get started. Prosper has a referral program that will give you $25 just for signing up as a lender and making 1 loan. Here’s the catch. You have to be referred by another Prosper member to get the $25. If you just head over to and sign up, you will not receive the signup bonus.

Luckily though, me being a fellow Prosper member, I’d be happy to refer you. Simply sign up using my referral link, fund a loan, and you’ll automatically receive a $25 credit to your account. Prosper is one simple and fun way to make some extra money online. If you’d like to join me and receive the $25 credit for becoming a lender, simply signup using my referral link below. Just so you know, I also will be receiving $25 for each new member I refer. Check out the rest of this post though to see how you can start doing the same once you join!

My Referral Link

Make $25 or $50 for your referrals

The nice thing about the referral program, is that the actual referrer also receives a credit. If you refer another borrow you’ll receive $50 and if you refer another lender, you’ll both receive $25. So once you join Prosper and get a feel for it, check out the referral program link on their site and refer a few friends and family and place a link on your website. A few referrals a month plus the extra interest income you’ll be making on your loans could really add up!

Want to know more about Prosper?

Check out my review. As always and questions or comments are welcome! Just leave a comment and I’d be happy to answer.

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Life Insurance: My Thoughts

Life Insurance is a topic that a lot of people really would prefer not to think about and it is understandable why. I mean, I don’t want to think about what would happen to my loved ones if I died, but nevertheless, it is something you should include in your financial plan in case the unthinkable were to happen.

This is a fairly in-dept post covering Who Needs Life Insurance, What are the Different Types of Life Insurance, How Much do you Need, How Much Does it Cost, and How to Pick the Right Company. If you’d like to read it in its entirity, just click on the continue link below.

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RSS Explained in Plain English

Found the following video while browsing through youtube tonight. It gives a great explanation of what RSS is and why you need to use it on your blog. August is still a building month for this blog and one thing I want to have in place is an easy way to keep my readers updates. RSS is the way to do that. So take a couple minutes to watch this well presented video to learn a little more about RSS.

Now that you know a little more about RSS, I hope you’ll consider subscribing to SeekingFF. Subscribing is an easy way to stay up to date on all the latest financial and entrepreneurial news without having to visit the site everyday. To subscribe, check out the subscription box on the right hand side of this page. You can find out more on the subscription options page here on SeekingFF.


ShareThis Makes Sharing Easy

As I continue to build this blog throughout August, I’ve always looking for things that can add to the user-friendliness of this site. While I was browsing a finance related blog tonight, Thorton Wealth Management, I noticed a simple graphic at the bottom of the posts called ShareThis so I decided to check it out.

If you read a lot of blogs, you’ve probably noticed that a good number of them have some type of sharing tool at the bottom of the posts. Basically, if the readers find a particular post interesting, they can share the post with members of various social bookmarking sites such as DIGG, StumbleUpon, del.ici.ous, etc. This is great for the blog owners because it can really increase the awareness of your blog and bring a lot more readers in.

Sharethis is one free streamlined tool that you can use to increase the distribution of your content without cluttering up your blog with a bunch of different icons. It simply creates one icon at the bottom of your post that you users can click on and and share your content via a variety of social bookmarking sites, social networking (Facebook, Myspace, etc), or via email. It’s compatible with all the major blogging platforms and I found it especially easy to install the WordPress plugin on this site.

So, if you looking for a simple but powerful way to add sharing capabilities to your blog or website, ShareThis is a great tool to use that may bring in a lot more traffic to your site.


The First 14 Days of My Blog

Today marks the two week anniversary of the opening of this blog. It’s been a busy couple weeks so far as I familiarize myself with the blogging process, work on the design of this site, and try to add quality content that you the readers will find helpful in your quest for reaching financial freedom.

Off to a Great Start!

After two weeks, I’m very pleased with the progress this site has made. Chris Pearson and the folks over at DIYThemes have been a big help in getting this blog laid out the way it is. I also think I’ve covered some very important basic topics on some things that you can do today to start saving more money as far as your personal finances go and also how you can get your own online business going by Starting a WordPress Blog in 3 Simple Steps.

What the future holds

I’m excited about the future and have a lot of great Personal Finance and Online Entrepreneurship topics, for example, how to promote and monetize a website once you have one. As you may have guessed, the amount of money a website can produce is entirely dependent on how much traffic it receives. As I continue to build this blog and begin to promote and monetize it, I’ll share exactly what I’m doing so you can follow along. Remember though, that it all starts with content and design. If a site doesn’t provide good quality content and doesn’t look good, it will never reach its full potential. Anyway, I’ll be blogging more about all of this in the near future so stay tuned!


Last week, I started off the Online Entrepreneurship How To’s series by showing you how you could get your own domain and a professionally designed site up in 3 simple steps. Very soon I’ll start posting some of the more meaty content explaining how you can begin to monetize your website but before we get there, you absolutely need to have a system in place to track your websites progress. Simply put, if you are not monitoring your websites progress, you have no way of knowing how well your site is doing or what you need to work on.

So how do you analyze your site?

It actually can be very simple and best of all, completely free. Using Google Analytics, a free service offered by Google, you insert a small bit of code into your website and then your site begins to report back to google. You simply log into your Google account and the information is compiled into very sophisticated yet easy to read charts, graphs, and tables. You can track how people are finding your site, what content is popular and what content is not popular, how often they visit or if they never come back, etc. etc. You can read a full list of the features on the Google Analytics home page. It is really powerful software and it will help you make a better and more profitable site!

Installing the code?

So how do you install Google Analytics on your site? It as simple as copying and pasting the some simple code onto your site. If you are using the Thesis WordPress Theme, then it is even easier! You just go to the Design tab then to the Thesis Options tab and insert the code you copied from Google and then hit the save button! Within 24 hours you will begin to start receiving stats from your site and you’re one step closer to turning your site into an income producing machine.

Stay tuned for more Online Entrepreneurship How To’s as we move on from some of the initial setup procedures into some strategies you can use to start making some money online.