Bringing my Blog back to Life

Seeking Financial Freedom got off to a good start with this blog back in July of 2008 and keeping it going through the middle of September. Then I got really busy doing a few web design projects for clients and pretty much forgot about this blog for the next few months. I had too much on my plate at one time and I did a poor job of managing my time.

Bringing my Blog back to Life

Now that 2009 has come, I’m ready to jump back into writing about more personal finance and online entrepreneurship topics. I know I’ve got to manage my time better and avoid taking on too much work at any one time so that there is some time to devote to the projects I enjoy, this blog for example.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of good ideas on topics to share so if learning how to make and keep more of your money is something that interests you, check back from time to time to see what’s up!

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