Month in Review: August 2008

Month in Review - August 2008

I am a week late getting the August 2008 Month in Review out due to a week vacation at the end of July and a family reunion this past weekend but anyway, here it is.

August marked the second month that SeekingFF has been out and I think we covered some important topics that needed to be covered as this blog continues to grow. So just in case you missed them the first time around, here’s a quick recap of what was discussed on SeekingFF this month.

Personal Finance Topics

Several simple things you can do that will save and make you more money.

My Thoughts on Life Insurance: A summary of the different kinds of life insurance, how to determine how much you need, and what type of insurance you should own to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

$25 Sign up Bonus for Joining Me on Prosper: How you can get an instant $25 for joining me on Prosper, the Person-to-Person lending network. You may want to also check out my Prosper Review from last month to find out more about Prosper and how you can earn a relatively safe 8% – 12% on your idle money.

The Importance of an Emergency Fund: Why you need one and how much you should set aside. I consider a properly funded emergency fund the foundation of my financial plan so this post is definately worth reading!

Frugal Living – Taking Advantage of Local Parks: An inexpensive and fun way to entertain yourself for a weekend. Find out what I did at a local Indiana State Park and how little I spent.

Investing Ideas for Beginners: Ready to start investing but unsure of what to invest in? This post talks about the power of passive investing recommended by many financial gurus (including the founder of one of the largest mutual fund familys) and is a must read for beginners and those who have been investing for years alike.

Online Entrepreneurship Topics

Information and tools you can use to start building a profitable online business.

ShareThis for your Website: Increase awareness and traffic for your blog or website by allowing your visitors to easily share your content with others via social media sites and email.

RSS in Simple English: A quick recap of what RSS is and a nice video by the folks over at CommonCraft that explains it quite well.

Turn Random Visitors into Daily Readers: A few things you can do to keep random visitors to your blog coming back again and again ultimately increasing the revenues generated by your site.

Do Online Surveys Really Pay? A post explaining the pitfalls of most online survey programs and one survey program you can use that actually pays.

Did you miss some of these posts? Just check out the August 2008 Archives to see a chronological listing of everything that was posted this month.

Stay tuned in September for more information on how you can save and make more money and continue to take steps towards achieving financial freedom!

Questions / Comments / Suggestions for the future months?

Simply leave a comment and I’d be happy to talk with you.

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