Turn Random Visitors into Daily Readers

If you haven’t noticed, Blogging has become very popular over the last few years. As of today, Technorati is currently tracking approximately 113 million, yes million, blogs worldwide!

One big reason contributing to the popularity of blogging is because unlike a traditional website, a blog makes it very easy to interact with your readers and it is also very easy for your readers to interact with you and the other readers via comments. As a blog becomes popular, more and more readers find their way to that site. More readers generally means more comments and eventually you’ll find that people are coming back to your site to read other comments and interact with each other just as much as they are to read your new content.

When a blog develops a strong following, it can become a major income producing asset. Introduce a few tasteful ads on your sidebars and you’ll start to see some real results. This is why blogging can be so fun and addicting!

Not only are you writing about something that you enjoy talking about and getting the opportunity to discuss your topics with readers who share your interests, you are actually receiving some monetary gain on the side!

The Online Entrepreneurship writings on this blog focus on things you can do to start making some extra cash online. A well designed blog with good content and a large readership can be a great way to do that. So far, I’ve covered How to Start your own WordPress Blog in 3 Simple Steps and How to Increase your Blog’s Traffic with ShareThis. Today I wanted to write about another topic that is very crucial to your blog’s success. As you probably know, the success of a blog is entirely dependent on its readers. The more the merrier! So if you’re not doing something on your blog to turn random visitors into daily readers, your blog is likely not realizing its full potential.

How its done

Its quite simple really, you just need provide a few places throughout your blog to allow visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed. If a visitor likes what you write about, they will probably be willing to come back and read more later. The problem, there is a good chance they’ll forget about your site if you don’t have something in place to remind them about your site. Luckily with RSS, a visitor can subscribe to your feed and they will automatically be notified when new content is published. So place your RSS link and place it a few places around your blog to make sure your readers see it.

So far, I’ve placed 4 separate places for visitors to subscribe on SeekingFF.com.

The blog is still less than a month old, I’m already seeing a few new subscribers a day. As the blog continues to grow, I think placing these links in various places will be a big help. By the way, I’m using Google’s free Feedburner service to generate these links. If you’re using any of the popular blogging platforms, (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc.) feedburner is something you should check out. You simply type in the address of your blog and they generate a feed link for you. In addition to that, they keep a tally of the number of subscribers you have and provide a bunch of other tools you can use to become a better blogger.


The success of a blog is entirely dependent on the number of readers it has so don’t let random visitors forget about your site. Turn them into subscibers and let your blog read its full potential!

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