The First 14 Days of My Blog

Today marks the two week anniversary of the opening of this blog. It’s been a busy couple weeks so far as I familiarize myself with the blogging process, work on the design of this site, and try to add quality content that you the readers will find helpful in your quest for reaching financial freedom.

Off to a Great Start!

After two weeks, I’m very pleased with the progress this site has made. Chris Pearson and the folks over at DIYThemes have been a big help in getting this blog laid out the way it is. I also think I’ve covered some very important basic topics on some things that you can do today to start saving more money as far as your personal finances go and also how you can get your own online business going by Starting a WordPress Blog in 3 Simple Steps.

What the future holds

I’m excited about the future and have a lot of great Personal Finance and Online Entrepreneurship topics, for example, how to promote and monetize a website once you have one. As you may have guessed, the amount of money a website can produce is entirely dependent on how much traffic it receives. As I continue to build this blog and begin to promote and monetize it, I’ll share exactly what I’m doing so you can follow along. Remember though, that it all starts with content and design. If a site doesn’t provide good quality content and doesn’t look good, it will never reach its full potential. Anyway, I’ll be blogging more about all of this in the near future so stay tuned!

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  • Hning September 3, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    Nice theme chris. I watch over your post in diy theme forum. A little suggestion, if you’d like to customize thesis in easiest way, remove all the php code, bring thesis in a simple theme, just like others premium. Nothing different at all…

    And what i saw in that forum, it seems like that everyone get “huh” in customizing thesis. Chris Pearson protect his design well 🙂 Plug the css into the script, which not everyone understand enough with that.

    Any idea, to add javascript?
    I’d like to place “scroll to top” in my footer 🙂

  • Chris September 8, 2008 at 9:40 pm


    Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been playing around with the Thesis source code lately and am learning some things by trial and error. I agree that all the extra .php code makes it slightly more difficult to make customizations but for novices who aren’t planning on doing a lot of customizations to the source code, the options panel and design panel coded in .php make it really easy to change the default look of your blog.

    I’ve seen the javascript scroll to top on a couple of other blogs but I’m not sure how to incorporate it into thesis. If I figure it out though, I’ll give you a hollar!


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