How To: Start your own Blog.

One of the topics I will be writing about on this blog deals with how you can reach financial freedom faster by developing your own online business system. Since I’m in the process of setting up this blog, I thought a few posts on how you can start your own blog might be a good idea.

Starting your own blog is one the simplest things you can do to get started. Basically you just pick something you are interested in and begin to write about it. As people begin to find your blog and read it, you can place relevant ads on your blog that generate money for you when people click on them. It you do a blog right, it can literally start to generate thousands of dollars a month for you with very little effort. I’ll get more into actual marketing tips & how to monetize your site at a later date but today I’ll show you how you can start your own blog in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Get a Domain

First of all, browse on over to Lunarpages. This is the hosting company I use for and they provide a beginner hosting plan that cannot be beat (believe me, I checked). The best thing about Lunarpages is that they provide 1 click installation of WordPress so even if your not the most technical person out there, you can have a great looking wordpress blog in a matter of minutes.

Step 2 – Install WordPress

Once your domain has been registered (typically after 24 – 48 hours) you’re ready to install wordpress. Lunarpages will send you an email right after you register your domain with your user name and password. Head back over to Lunarpages and enter your user name and password to log into your account. Once you are logged in, click on the Control Panel button and then go into your cPanel. Here you’ll see several different options you can use to configure your website. Look for the one labeled Fantastico. You’ll see all kinds of software packages that you can install on your site. Today though, we’re looking for the one labeled WordPress. Simply click on it and follow the directions to install wordpress on your website. A minute later, Presto! You now have your own WordPress blog!

Step 3 – Pick a WordPress Theme

WordPress comes with a default theme but it is kind of boring. Luckily there are hundreds of sites out there (both free and paid) that are full of wonderful looking WordPress Themes that you can use to make a beautiful looking website. I’m going to highly recommend one theme in particular, theThesis Theme by DIYThemes.

Thesis WordPress ThemeThe Thesis WordPress Theme is the wordpress theme that you see on this very site. The creator of the site, Chris Pearson, is a master of design and also runs a support forum for all his customers where you can get plenty of help if you need it. Chris also frequently updates Thesis and all Thesis customers are entitled to lifetime updates and support. Thesis is a paid theme but if you want to make a winning blog that is going to generate some cash down the road, you can’t go wrong with Thesis.

If you aren’t quite ready to pay for a Theme yet, Mr. Pearson also has designed several high quality free themes that you can download from his personal site, Pearsonified.

Now you have your own Domain & a professional WordPress Blog. All that you need to do now is turn it into a cash generating machine! Stay tuned to SeekingFF and over the coming weeks and months, I’ll show you exactly how to do that!

Need Help or Some Constructive Critisim?

Leave a comment below and I’d be happy to take a look at your blog and give you some feedback!

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  • Andrew November 7, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    This is a great web site, really have enjoyed your posts and it sounds like you have passion for what you are saying, keep up the good work. If you get a chance I would love it if you could check out this site and let me know what you think

  • Sandra Park August 25, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    it is everyones dream to have Financial Freedom but it takes hard work to achieve it. i am blogging and making websites in the hopes that it could lead me to financial freedom someday.

  • Chris August 26, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    Sandra – Thanks for stopping by. Hard work is a key ingredient to achieving any goal. You can’t control a lot of things in life but the effort you put towards working towards a goal is one thing that you can. Good luck with your websites!


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