New Thesis Sharp Skin

Here’s my latest free Thesis Theme Skin called Thesis Sharp which features a widgetized header area and fat footer plus some cool background images for your page and sidebars. Download it here or check out the video walk-though below.

Please direct all comments to the new official site for the Thesis Sharp Skin.


New Thesis Theme Skins coming

Several months ago I put together a few free skins for the Thesis WordPress Theme. Since then the Thesis community has grown by leaps and bounds and now numbers 11,000+ so I thought now might be a good time to do a few more free skins for some of the fellow Thesis users out there. I’ll post the new creations on my Thesis Skins site whenever they’re ready.

If you haven’t yet seen my Thesis skins, check out the screen shot below or visit the Skins site to see them in action. You can also see the Wufoo Red skin in action over at Kate’s Organic Rainforest Camu Blend by Amazon Herb site at

Wufoo Skin for the Thesis WordPress Theme
Wufoo Skin for the Thesis WordPress Theme


Rotating Ads for the Thesis WordPress Theme

Just put together a new tutorial for the Thesis WordPress Theme on how to add random rotating ads to your site. If you display any ads on your site (affiliate marketing ads for example) this is a nice way to manage your ads so that you site visitors are always upgraded with different ad lineup. If you are interested in doing something like this for your Thesis powered site, check out the demo site and tutorial @

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Finally signed up for a Twitter account

Follow me on twitterThis evening I finally signed up for my own twitter account. I have been hearing more and more about twitter lately and though I have actively been following a couple of the Thesis WordPress Theme developers for awhile now, I just had not gotten around to getting an account yet.

I keep seeing more and more authors of other personal finance and internet marketing blogs tweeting on twitter, I figured I might as well check it out and see what all the fuss is about. So now I am officially on twitter. I don’t know exactly what I am doing yet, but I’m sure I will get the hang of it.

Stay tuned for future posts on twitter and in the mean time, follow me on twitter to see what I’m up too!


2009 Site Redesign

Tinkering with the design of my site in attempt to continually improve it is something I do fairly often and enjoy. The changes usually are not drastic but for 2009, I have made some fairly substantial design changes. Even though things look different, I’m still using and loving the Thesis Theme for WordPress which makes it really easy to customize your site without editing any of the core Theme files. Would you believe that I only changed two files to change the whole look of my site?

I’ll write more about my reasons for the redesign and how easy it was to do with Thesis later. For now, I’m just going to introduce you to the new site as it looks today. Any feedback is appreciated!

2009 Site Redesign


Bringing my Blog back to Life

Seeking Financial Freedom got off to a good start with this blog back in July of 2008 and keeping it going through the middle of September. Then I got really busy doing a few web design projects for clients and pretty much forgot about this blog for the next few months. I had too much on my plate at one time and I did a poor job of managing my time.

Bringing my Blog back to Life

Now that 2009 has come, I’m ready to jump back into writing about more personal finance and online entrepreneurship topics. I know I’ve got to manage my time better and avoid taking on too much work at any one time so that there is some time to devote to the projects I enjoy, this blog for example.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of good ideas on topics to share so if learning how to make and keep more of your money is something that interests you, check back from time to time to see what’s up!


What happened to Lehman Brothers?

Usually I don’t pay too much attention to what’s happening on Wall St. My investing strategy, outlined in my Investing for Beginners piece, is to buy quality low cost highly diversified index funds and hold them for the long term.

Lehman Brothers HeadquartersHowever, it was hard not to pay attention today when Lehman Brothers announced they were filing bankruptcy. This is the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history even surpassing that of Worldcom & Enron and spells the end of 150+ year old company. Other major news of the day was that Bank of America was acquiring Merrill Lynch and that AIG was also in major financial trouble. The result of all this bad news was a 500 point drop in the DOW, the largest since the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.

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Thesis 1.1 WordPress Theme Released.

There are a lot of things that go in to building a quality website that will continually bring in traffic and eventually produce income for you. This blog is just now approaching its two month anniversary so I don’t presume to know everything but before jumping into this project I did do some preliminary planning and looked at a lot of different blogs that have become popular.

The single most important thing has always been and remains content. If you publish quality content, people who share your interests will eventually find you. The next thing that seem to recurring on successful blogs, was top-notch design and presentation. A professionally designed blog does a lot for your credibility and if you are using a theme that automatically optimizes your content for Search Engines, those interested parties will only find you faster.

Thesis 1.1 has been releasedThat brings me to the topic of today’s post. Chris Pearson over at DIYThemes just released the third major update to his popular Thesis WordPress Theme. The Thesis theme is the theme I chose to use here on and it offers unparalleled design options for its users without any of the difficult coding that is usually associated with building a professional looking blog. The best thing about Thesis is that it automatically optimizes your content for the search engines. Chris also had the foresight to add a support forum for the theme so if you need help, you can get it from him or one of the other 1500+ thesis users active in the forum.

If you’ve been reading this blog thus far, you already know that one of the things I write about is how you can use the internet to make extra money and that process starts with building a website that you can later monetize. The Thesis Theme is one tool you can use to do that. So if you haven’t yet checked it out, browse on over to the DIYThemes and see what Thesis can do for you and your blog and stay tuned to for more information on how to build and monetize a website that will pay recurring dividends as you travel down to the road to financial freedom.


Month in Review: August 2008

Month in Review - August 2008

I am a week late getting the August 2008 Month in Review out due to a week vacation at the end of July and a family reunion this past weekend but anyway, here it is.
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Starting out, picking the right investments can seem overwhelming. There are just so many choices out there, stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), etc., etc.

This blog isn’t going to tell you specific investments to put your money in, but I can give you some general guidance on where to start. First of all, let me share my investing strategy with you.

I’ve read a lot of books on investing and a common view of many authors and one that I also subscribe to is that, the average investor cannot beat the stock market long term.

There are few that can. So while I do have some play money in my Zecco (read my Zecco review) account where I do pick individual stocks and try to beat the market, the bulk of my holdings are in passive index funds.

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